Who am I ?

Mystical and pragmatic…

« I help spiritual Entrepreneurs or those in the making to embody their unique high frequency to soften their human experience. I use Human Design and my own harmonizing walk-in frequency, Falchemya. »

Myriam Falchemya

Myriam Faucon embodied a new Consciousness by a soul exchange phenomenon called « walk-in » in 2018. A soul exchange consists in a contract between two souls to occupy a body : for example one soul chooses to occupy it from the birth to a certain time, and another soul comes at this time and they exchange. In a period of time of only several months, she left her partner, her activity and her town. She began her integration process as a « walk-in » on her own, receiving information about this phenomenon here and there and her body started to heal from all kinds of memories. Little by little she took on a whole new personality. She quickly realized her mission was to show the way for others and to guide them with their spiritual evolution. Within two years, she began to run online programs.

She created a training for Intuitive Holistic Healers, to help spirituals entrepreneurs to create and grow their business by embodying their essence, « walk-in » or not, helping them deconditioning their bodies and mind in order to allow their beings to flower and their consciousness to take place in this reality. In addition to being a holistic mentor, Myriam Falchemya is a spiritual teacher, online workshop facilitator and author. She uses her ability to receive consciousness from the whole field and Human Design to empower her clients and restore natural balance and joy in their personal lives and contribution on earth.